May 28th 2013. 12:03 pm.

Teaching our 3 and 5 year old using Indiana standards.

When my kids were having trouble in preschool, my wife and I decided that they needed to be home. So we took them out of preschool / daycare and my wife became a stay-at-home mom. They have improved so much in their behavior that we are going to try homeschooling for kindergarten, which is approaching fast for our oldest, and we are working hard to prepare.

My wife is great at turning any event into a learning opportunity. Her teaching style tends to be student-directed and tailored to the specific needs, skills, learning styles and interests of our kids. But as much as it seems to work well, sometimes she can feel lost with such an open-ended approach. We were craving more structure, and I decided to help out.

I started by downloading the Kindergarten and Pre-School state academic standards for Indiana.

First I printed off the list of standards to put in a three-hole binder for each kid. So for example, the English, Math, Science and Social Studies standards. They are listed inside a large pdf labelled 'complete' in the zip files you can download from the pages I linked to (or from the big pdf for pre-k). The Kindergarten pages even show the page numbers where you can get more specific instructions on how to help your child achieve the goal (which you can look up on the 'complete' pdf).

Next I made a simple daily worksheet for her to fill out. She fills in her plan for the day and the standards she plans to work on. At the end of the day she fills in what they ended up doing and the standards that were actually addressed.

We are hoping this technique will create a record of student progress, a clear set of goals, and a useful springboard for creating her lesson plans.

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