April 10th 2013. 5:00 am.

Technologies I've been using lately.

My workflow is getting much more efficient lately. I have just finished a major project and am working on another, and I wanted to share what has helped me get the job done.

Sublime Text
Reasons this works for me:

  • Code mini-map scroller
  • Simple interface
  • Plugins are easy to install and use
  • Vast plugin library

Plugins I use:

  • Package Control (The plugin that makes installing other plugins easy)
  • SCSS
  • SFTP

Workflowy is what I use for task management. It's very simple: Think of anything you could write down as a bullet list. I'm still using this app all the time since my last post about it, and I really feel it's standing the test of time.

FileZilla is what I use for an ftp client when I need to do a transfer that doesn't make sense to do in Sublime Text SFTP plugin.

Inkscape is an open source vector art program. I find it easier to use for making web graphics than Gimp. And if I want to start using actual vector files in my responsive web design, you can save as an .svg file.

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