Musings and lessons learned on programming and life.

October 15th 2012. 5:00 am. -

Created a new blog. Want to learn more Haskell.

Today I started this personal blog to start cataloging all my progress and goals in life (Note - this was a blog I started on Weebly and have since integrated with my main blog). I have had the desire to create a blog in... read more »

July 12th 2012. 4:18 pm. -

jQuery slideToggle() Problem and Solution

Today I spent the longest time trying to figure out the following:\r\nEvery time I''d press the button to allow my div to appear via slideToggle, it would do the animation, THEN show the div. It was driving me ... read more »

August 11th 2011. 8:50 pm. -

Transaction Blocked - A unique Ebay problem and how it was solved

A friend of mine recently had a problem with his ebay store. Despite his stellar ratings and history, his items all of a sudden stopped allowing people to buy. When people would try to "buy it now", it would show the ... read more »

April 1st 2011. 11:21 am. -

display: inline-block hack for IE6+7

Here's a couple lines of css you should remember to put in every time you use inline-block (if you want your content to look right in IE6+7 that is):\r\ndisplay: inline-block;*display: inline;*zoom: 1;\r\nThe first line ... read more »