Musings and lessons learned on programming and life.

December 6th 2012. 5:00 am. -

Using PHP Variables / Constants in Javascript

Today I came up with a solution that is pretty easy to implement. This example assumes you have PHP constants all defined in an array like this: $CONST['username'] = 'someusername'; ... read more »

December 3rd 2012. 5:00 am. -

New Job, New Projects and WorkFlowy

I will be starting a new full-time job January 2nd. It is a Web Developer position for a pretty well known political news and opinion web site. I feel very lucky to have found a job this quickly. I will be spending the ... read more »

November 18th 2012. 5:00 am. -

Unemployed and working on projects.

As I have waited for approval to continue working on the volunteer web site many things have happened. I have been laid off of my web design job (due to a loss of income at the company). I have also interviewed at a ... read more »

October 21st 2012. 5:00 am. -

Shift in priorities. Focus on more practical projects.

Haskell and AI are interests of mine that I plan on continuing to read about and research. But sometimes a project comes up that just makes more sense to work on at the moment. That is what happened to me, and now I am ... read more »