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June 6th 2013. 3:08 am. -

Daft Punk covers I like.

I have been really into the new Daft Punk album lately, "Random Access Memories". It's a great change of pace from their last album (which I'm actually starting to enjoy more). But one of the best ... read more »

May 28th 2013. 12:03 pm. -

Teaching our 3 and 5 year old using Indiana standards.

When my kids were having trouble in preschool, my wife and I decided that they needed to be home. So we took them out of preschool / daycare and my wife became a stay-at-home mom. They have improved so much in their ... read more »

May 24th 2013. 9:30 am. -

New blog / portfolio site under construction.

I am in the process of building a new portfolio/blog site using my RenRowly PHP framework. Already in the development of this I've been able to make some good updates to RenRowly, which I will try to put on GitHub ... read more »

April 10th 2013. 5:00 am. -

Technologies I've been using lately.

My workflow is getting much more efficient lately. I have just finished a major project and am working on another, and I wanted to share what has helped me get the job done. Sublime Text Reasons this works for me: ... read more »