Musings and lessons learned on programming and life.

August 12th 2013. 9:26 pm. -

Internet Browsing Addiction

(Note - This is not about internet porn. That is a related but separate issue that I believe is even more intense and dangerous. Read about that issue here: Opposition to pornography) I wonder how many other people ... read more »

July 23rd 2013. 8:21 pm. -

Updates on development

Yesterday I finally uploaded my update to RenRowly to Github. It is now a blog/portfolio CMS in addition to an MVC OOP PHP framework. I will probably be making a few more small updates to it in the coming days. Also, I ... read more »

June 18th 2013. 10:52 am. -

New RPG game in the works.

I've been working on the graphics to a new Flash RPG. So far I have all the tiles, character sprites, and monster sprites I need. I created the tiles myself, but I got the sprites from, a great ... read more »

June 8th 2013. 10:18 am. -

What I've been working on the past couple weeks.

My current daily programming activity (outside of work) is to work on my personal blog / portfolio site. It is based on the RenRowly PHP framework. As I develop the site, I find myself creating a useful blog CMS. I will ... read more »