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October 2nd 2013. 9:54 am. -

Programmers: Be Experts at Managing Complexity

I am now 10 months into my job as a full-time web developer. I have discovered that my main job as a programmer is to become an expert at managing complexity. In order to do that I must achieve the following goals: ... read more »

September 15th 2013. 11:16 pm. -

LetsMakeAGame reborn! is now finished. Yes! I still have serveral features I want to implement. And some new games to finish too. But it's now at a point where I believe it matches it's 2008 functionality again. I ... read more »

September 3rd 2013. 11:54 am. -

Porting Old Code and GBIA update is currently under construction. I am porting over very old php code I wrote back in 2008. Back then I was just learning PHP and MySQL. As a result, plenty of mistakes were made. Now that I'm ... read more »

August 20th 2013. 1:05 pm. -

Week 1 of Goal-Based Internet Activity

It's been a week since my initial post on Goal-Based Internet Activity, and here's an update: I've had some major success using this technique. I find it helps me focus on the task at hand, and makes me feel like I'm ... read more »