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April 24th 2014. 9:15 am. -

The US is sowing the seeds of instability in Syria.

Today the world learns (well, those paying close attention, or listening to NPR) that the CIA is quietly ramping up aid to Syrian rebels. They say it's to the "moderate" rebels, but those are the same ... read more »

April 21st 2014. 9:39 am. -

Korg R3 Vs. Roland GAIA SH-01

I own a Korg R3 and a Roland GAIA SH-01. I like both because they allow easy creation of new sounds. But they each have their strengths. The Korg R3's strengths are: Multi-timbral mode. You can make two timbres ... read more »

March 22nd 2014. 4:16 pm. -

Keeping Pace with Technology

As a programmer I must always stay on the top of technology. If I get complacent and don't learn new things, I will quickly fall behind. The fact that I take this as a fun challenge rather than a terrifying stressor ... read more »

November 13th 2013. 2:52 pm. -

PHP Framework and CMS Scenarios

When it comes to PHP frameworks and CMSs, there is only one right tool. The one that's right for the job. Here are some possible scenarios: The client wants a quick blog. They don't want anything too fancy ... read more »