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April 24th 2014. 9:15 am. -

The US is sowing the seeds of instability in Syria.

Today the world learns (well, those paying close attention, or listening to NPR) that the CIA is quietly ramping up aid to Syrian rebels. They say it's to the "moderate" rebels, but those are the same rebels we apparently aren't even sure exist: "US officials continue to remain skeptical that such trustworthy, “moderate” rebels exist, or that arms provided to vetted, moderate rebels would not end up in the hands of the extremists." (ALMonitor)

Remember that for minorities in Syria, including Christians, Assad is pretty much their only hope.

So to recap, the US is right now increasing lethal support to people who might not even exist. Support that we fully understand will get into the hands of Al-Qaeda. That may bring down a regime in the middle east that protects minorities. If this sounds familiar, it's because similar events happened in the past in Iraq and Afghanistan. We are creating a future war for ourselves right now. We are sowing the seeds of instability.

Let's also take some time to thank congress for secretly approving such lethal aid.

Write your congresspeople. Vote for those who disapprove of this action. That's the only way to affect change.

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